Justice for Angel

Justice for Angel

Some people in Lexington believe the police officer who admits he shot a neighbor’s dog to death shouldn’t be a police officer at all. Their push to get him off the force went all the way to the Urban County Council and Mayor on Thursday.

Some people in Lexington say the police officer who admits he shot a neighbor’s dog to death shouldn’t be a police officer at all.

They delivered a petition to the Urban County Council Thursday night.

“I believe he shoots first, asks questions later and by his own admission this is not the first incident,” said Karen Devin, who signed the petition.

Angel was the black lab shot and killed by Lexington Police Officer Jeff Brangers as she was walking away from his yard.  Brangers said he thought the dog was going to attack his chickens, something other neighborhood dogs have done before.

“It doesn't seem safe to have someone like him representing our city and walking our streets,” said Angie May, another petition signer.

The petition says Officers Brangers should be removed from the police force.

“We're not pursing it for the charges anymore, we're pursuing it for our safety,” said May.

“I don't feel comfortable having an officer like that patrolling our streets with the disposition he has shown,” said Devin.

Lexington Police launched its own internal inquiry which it said should take about two more weeks.

“At this point we can't really say anything about the facts or the merit of the case but just want everyone to know it is under investigation and being taken very seriously,” said Clay Mason, Lexington’s Public Safety Commissioner.

“We need to look carefully and then we need to look deeply into those symptoms and try to understand how we can make improvements,” said Lexington Mayor Jim Gray.

Council Member Bill Farmer said at the meeting he doesn’t want Officer Brangers in his district.

“This is a request, merely only on my behalf: I would prefer that that officer not be on patrol in the 5th district,” said Farmer.

ABC 36 reached out to Officer Brangers for comment but no one answered the door.

“I certainly would not want any other family to go through the loss of a pet but the next time it might not be an animal, it might be a human being,” said Devin.

“Good news is it sounds like the Mayor and the council members are willing to take a look at this and follow things through and make sure something happens with it,” said Jim Branngon, who signed the petition.

The dog’s owners have decided not to file any charges against Officer Brangers.

The two families settled everything in an undisclosed agreement with the Scott County Attorney.

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