How Crews Restore Power In Menifee County

How Crews Restore Power In Menifee County

The day began with 400 people on their fourth day without electricity.

The day began with about 400 people in Menifee County still without electricity.  By 6 O'clock crews cut that number down to about 150. 

Here's how they do it:  First tree contractors look for downed lines, or anything on the lines.

Then, they use a chainsaw to remove it, and clear the line.

If you don't have power, it's great when they show up.

"This is exciting.  This is exciting," said Steve Morris, who's been without power since Tuesday night.

Working as much as possible, Dustin Bryant says he's slept 10-hours all week.  It helps to work with a lifelong friend.

"I get tired of looking at him, but I put up with him.  We try to stay upbeat, and keep a positive frame of mine to just try to help these homeowners get their electric back on," said Bryant, who works for Asplundh Tree Expert Company.

Once the lines are clear, a Clark Energy crew puts it back up. 

Steve Morris drove from West Virginia Tuesday evening to his Menifee County cabin. 

He wanted a quiet night with his wife.  Be careful what you wish for.  The power went out within an hour.

"I wasn't very happy about it.  It didn't surprise me.  I've come to be used to power outages down here, but again the response of the local power company has been pretty good," said Morris.
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