Homework for Hiring Help

Homework for Hiring Help

You might have strangers in your home every one in a while as hired help. Have they been checked out?

You might have strangers in your home every one in a while as hired help.  Have they been checked out?

Police say a painter stole $10,000 in jewelry from a Lexington home.

48-year-old David McCabe is charged with burglary.  Court papers say he asked the housekeeper to unlock an upstairs bedroom window so he could paint the window sills.  It seemed harmless enough until a jewelry box disappeared.

Kristen Price owns Details Cleaning Service.  She background checks all her employees.

“We're not just there to clean their home or their establishment, that we want to have a good relationship,” said Price.

She values trust and honesty in her employees and that’s exactly what Lexington Police say you should have with all workers you invite in and around your home.

Tips for Hiring Help:

  1. Be in the house- don’t leave them alone
  2. Pay attention, stay alert
  3. Make it clear to what areas of the house are restricted
  4. Research the company- run a background check
  5. Trust your instincts

The Better Business Bureau offers free reviews of business.  Price says it’s a great place to start researching companies.

“If they are a legit company then will be listed,” said Price.  “If they're not, then that's your number one answer there, if they don't have the credentials, you don't even need to follow up with them.”

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