Hacker Activist From Anonymous Reveals Identity

Hacker Activist From Anonymous Reveals Identity

The man who went by KYAnonymous lives in Winchester
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AAdelsonABC36

A well known member of the hacker activist group "Anonymous" reveals his identity to ABC36.  Anonymous aims to make governments more transparent. 

The group uses the mask from the film "V for Vendetta" as its logo.  The mask symbolizes unity, with one face representing the entire group.  One man who wears the mask comes from just down the road in Winchester.  He goes by the handle KYAnonymous.

After opening the door in April, KYAnonymous saw FBI agents pointing M-16's.  They gave him a search warrant.

"The first question they asked was we're looking for any ant-American propaganda.  I was like I just got done turkey hunting, I live on a farm in Winchester, Kentucky, and I drink a lot of Bud Light.  I'm about as American as it gets," said KYAnonymous.

He helped organize protests in Steubenville, OH after football players raped a 16-year-old girl.

After the Newtown shooting, the Westboro Baptist Church announced it would protest the victim's funerals. 

KYAnonymous made a viral video, and helped organize a human chain to keep Westboro Baptist out.

He did all this from a desk in Winchester.

He says he's a PR guy for Anonymous.  He's worn the mask on CNN. 

For the first time he reveals his identity.

"I'm the one that goes to the media as Anonymous, and goes this is what we're doing, it's for a good cause."

He's 26-year-old Deric Lostutter.  Any day now he's expecting an indictment.

"Either A) I was set up for this, or B) they want to make an example out of me," said Lostutter.

He says he never done anything illegal.

Part of his defense is the internet connections are so slow out in the country, he couldn't possibly take down a website.

 Lostutter wants help fighting the case.  He set up a legal defense fund, and hopes to raise $30,000.

You can contact Deric at: Facebook.com/RealKYAnonymous
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