Group Protests Senator Mitch McConnell

Group Protests Senator Mitch McConnell

A new superpac dedicated to beating McConnell protested his visit to Lexington

U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell visited Lexington to reveal how the government agreed on a Fiscal Cliff deal. 

Senator McConnell says his last minute negotiations with Vice President Joe Biden resulted in a deal, but a group of protesters blame the Senator for putting the country on the cliff in the first place. 

A new Superpac dedicated to beating Mitch McConnell protested outside the Hyatt Regency Hotel, while McConnell explained how the fiscal cliff deal came about.

"I went to the Senate floor, and I said I don't have, I don't have a counter-proposal, and the Majority Leader said I don't have one, and I said I need a dance partner," said McConnell. 

But the protesters say McConnell is no Henry Clay.

"It's our understanding that Mitch McConnell caused the fiscal cliff, and we are just appalled that he is now trying to take credit for solving the crisis that he created.  It's almost like the hostage taker is taking credit for releasing the hostages," said Shawn Reilly, Progress Kentucky's Executive Director.

The fighting's not over.  Up next, McConnell wants a deal on the debt ceiling.

"I don't like being called in at the last minute to try and figure out how to broker, some last minute deal.  It's no way to run the government," said McConnell.

The protesters say McConnell relishes making deals at the last second.

"He pushed us off the edge of the cliff, and it wasn't until after we went off the cliff that he finally came to his senses, and came to some sort of reasonable solution," said Reilly.

McConnell left without taking any questions from the media. He did take questions from the crowd though.  One man asked him how the government can pay off the national debt, if McConnell insists he will never raise taxes again?  McConnell replied the country needs saving from a spending addiction, and he said revenue is not the problem.
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