Friends Remember Trooper Anson Blake Tribby

Friends Remember Trooper Anson Blake Tribby

Tribby died Tuesday night while off-duty in a car crash on Interstate-64

We still have many unanswered questions about what caused a fatal crash that killed off-duty State Trooper Anson Blake Tribby Tuesday night on I-64 in Clark County. 

After Trooper Tribby's death, grieving co-workers returned to work.

"We've lost a good trooper.  We lost a great person.  It's a hard day obviously for all of us here," said Master Trooper Joe Veeneman, KSP Post 8.

Trooper Tribby grew up in Maysville, where they know him as Blake.  His mother Pam has worked at the Hospice of Hope for more than 17 years.

"Any loss of any nature is very difficult to understand sometimes.  This one in particular has hit us very hard, because you have such a tragic loss of such a fine gentleman," said Kavin Cartmell, the Hospice's Executive Director. 

Cartmell watched Tribby grow up, and cherishes fond memories of him. 

"He'd be sitting in our staff break room doing his homework.  I can see him today sitting here with his algebra books and his notepad working out his problems," said Cartmell.

Law enforcement was in Tribby's blood.  His father worked for years as a Maysville Police Officer.  His grandfather worked in law enforcement, and Tribby looked up to them.

"His father was actually a sergeant when I started my career here.  I assume that he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps.  Blake and his family in general had a very close relationship.  Probably, I don't ever recall a time where he wasn't with his mother, or his father, and they were all very supportive of each other," said Major Lisa O'Hearn, Maysville Police Department.

The grieving Tribby's lost their only child.  Numerous people spoke of his kindness and generosity. 
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