Frankfort Woman Loses Cats To Humane Society

Frankfort Woman Loses Cats To Humane Society

A woman in Frankfort is accused of hoarding by the Franklin County Human Society, losing around half of her 33 cats.

A Frankfort woman who said, for years, she's given refuge and sanctuary to cats is now working to get them back after the Franklin County Humane Society stepped in.

"They pulled up, two trucks and a patrol car, and they proceeded to tell me they had been here yesterday and they didn't feel like the conditions were what they were expecting and that it would be better if they just came and take the cats and then we could work and do some cleaning,” said Susan Rambo.

For years, Susan said the humane society had come out to the sanctuary and inspected, giving her the all-go, the first time she'd heard from them in 2014 was Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the humane society said around 33 cats were found at Susan's house, calling it a hoarding case.

The humane society said it captured 15 and set what it called humane traps for the rest.

"It was total chaos, I have never seen my cats so scared,” said Rambo.

Susan doesn't want to be called a hoarder. She and her supporters called her residence "Calandria's Woodlands", named after her first rescue.

"This represents five or six years of my life. I have built most of this myself,built streams for them for fresh water, they have trees to climb."

And their habitat is enclosed; Susan said fencing surrounded the yard on all sides and handmade netting served as a ceiling, keeping predators out.

But it wasn't enough to keep the humane society out. It said this is a court case now meaning it must house Susan's cats until a settlement is reached.

Susan said she'll be in court August 9th.

Susan Rambo hopes to meet with the humane society soon to see what she can do to get her cats back.

In the meantime, the humane society said it could use your help, because the addition of those cats is putting a strain on space.

It's looking for donations of food, cleaning supplies and cash.

The humane society also said it could use help with adoptions and fostering of the cats.

If you’d like to get in touch with the Franklin County Humane Society you can call (502) 875-7297 or go to

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