Former Students, Teacher Grieve Loss Of Lincoln County School

Former Students, Teacher Grieve Loss Of Lincoln County School

A Lincoln County School burned Wednesday leaving former students and teachers with memories of what it once was.

The buildings are gone at the Fort Logan campus of the Lincoln County Public School system but for one retired school teacher, memories live on.

Nancy Hill taught students at Stanford Elementary, long before it changed names. Her view of the flames was blocked by a yard full of trees.

"It made me physically sick,” said Hill.

For 34 years, Mrs. Hill called Stanford Elementary and High school home.

"Because I have so many wonderful memories over there,” she said.

Her mind is still sharp, recalling better times for the school. Mrs. Hill didn't have to watch her beloved auditorium-turned cafeteria go up in flames.

"I know that that auditorium has been really utilized and they're going to miss that so much and I put on a lot of plays in that auditorium,” she said. “I really loved that school."

Others did watch orange-hot flames yield blackened char, looking beyond the walls of the school into something deeper.

"I played right there in recess every day and um... I get emotional... And um, kept my horse right there at Ms. Hill's house and rode my pony to the school and all kinds of stuff so it's really sad,” said Debbie Francis, a former student.

Francis wasn't the first generation in her family to attend, her mother, a graduate of Stanford High, came back to teach when it became Fort Logan.

"So I've been both a student and a teacher in the building,” she said.

It's a good thing memories are fireproof. For many past graduates there will be no paper records of their attendance.

Superintendent Karen Hatter said they too, were consumed in the fire.

"Area where our archived records were stored, that would be old school records like anyone that ever went to school in Lincoln County, their attendance and basic school records are there."

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