Flooding Closes Anderson County Roads

Flooding Closes Anderson County Roads

Drydock Rd and Rice Rd were the worst spots we found
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Flooding forced Anderson County to close a couple of roads.

This one looks like a waterfall, and it has a current going across it.  Anderson County Emergency Manger Bart Powell says if you could keep going down Rice Road you would find feet of water covering the road. 

We didn't go any farther.  Powell says the road dips down right where the water is covering the road.  Powell says this water would have swept our car away. 

"Some still want to try their luck and we recommend they not do that.  They don't know if the road's even still there," said Anderson County Emergency Manager Bart Powell.

Neighbors says Rice Road floods often.

"We've had so much rain here in the last month that it's, all the rivers are out of their banks, and it's caused a lot of problems," said David Taylor, in Anderson County.

The worst spot we found was Drydock Rd.  Water took over.

"If we have consistent rain for a couple days, they'll close for a day, or two.  What we're seeing now on a couple of our low water crossings, they'll be closed for quite a few days, because the run-off is still quite heavy," said Powell.

He says they've thankfully had few emergencies, because of the flooding.  He hopes to keep it that way.

If you see a flooded road, turn around, don't drown.
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