Firefighters Rescue Two From Burning Building In Richmond

Firefighters Rescue Two From Burning Building In Richmond

Firefighters quickly rushed to West Main Street in downtown Richmond to rescue two people from a burning building.
There were anxious moments Tuesday afternoon in Richmond after a downtown building caught fire.

The building is on West Main St., and includes a Mexican Restaurant downstairs and four apartments upstairs.

Those apartments saw most of the damage.

Two people were trapped inside their bedroom, and firefighters had to rescue them.

Everyone is okay.

Fire Chief Buzzy Campbell said the fire started at the back of the building on the deck.

Nathan Primose works across the street from the burning building, and he saw it all.

"Next thing I know, someone asked if I seen the smoke. I looked up the hill and sure enough it was billowing. It was thick and black," said Primose.

Dustin Stevenson lives in an apartment that had smoke damage.

He was working at his business, which is about 80 feet from his apartment.

"The way the flames looked, I thought the whole building was on fire," said Stevenson.

Just down the block, Kristen Purdy, owner of Purdy's Coffee Company said she's ready to help those affected by the fire.

"It's our downtown family. We all try and support each other. If one business is affected, it affects us all," said Purdy.

If you would like to help, visit:

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