Fire At Lexington Lowe's Sparks Arson Investigation

Fire At Lexington Lowe's Sparks Arson Investigation

Firefighters said there is no way a fire should've started in the lumberyard at the Lowe's off Richmond Road.

A large fire sent smoke in the air, able to be seen for miles at a Lexington Lowe’s.

The fire department said some lumber behind the Lowe's on Old Todds Road, off Richmond Road, in Lexington caught fire Wednesday evening.

The fire never got 'inside' the building, though the store was evacuated.

A couple of things made this fire interesting. First, the fire department said all signs point to this being 'arson' because there was no logical reason the lumber would have suddenly burst into flames, on its own. And even though no one was hurt, they say, someone could have been.

“What might seem to be just a prank to some person wanting to play with fire. This could very seriously have turned into a much, much larger dollar loss and even worse, this could have turned into a loss of life situation. People could have been injured or killed, just being exposed to this fire,” said one firefighter.

According to the fire department the heat generated by the fire was 'so' hot, it caused a steel lumber rack to partially melt, then collapse which also could have been deadly.

“Luckily, the firefighters were positioned themselves in a good spot where they were out of harm's way when that rack fell, because had they been in the wrong spot when it fell, it would have killed one of them.”

The investigation, into exactly what caused this fire, continues. The Lowe's reopened after the fire.

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