Finding The Safest Location From A Tornado In Any Home

Finding The Safest Location From A Tornado In Any Home

Every home is different, but these simple steps can help determine the safest place in your home to take shelter during a tornado.
Every home is built differently, but by following this guide, you can easily determine what part of your house is likely the safest place to shelter in when a tornado may strike.

First, go to the lowest level of your home. For some homes, this will be the basement.

Next, determine which room is in the center of the home. You are trying to place as many walls or barriers between you and the storm as possible.

Avoid rooms with windows or a lot of glass, which may shatter during the storm.

Bathrooms and closets are often good rooms to shelter in since they are usually towards the center of a home without many windows.

Helmets, blankets, and pillows should be stored in the shelter area to provide extra protection during a tornado.

The safe room of your house should be determined well before severe weather threatens and should be communicated to each member of your family.

When a tornado warning is issued, everyone will know where to go.

A tornado warning means a tornado is likely occurring or is about to form.

A tornado watch means conditions are favorable across the region for the formation of severe storms and tornadoes.

Always have multiple ways to access warning and watches when they are issued including TV, NOAA Weather Radio, and cell phone apps.
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