FCPS Leaders Accused Of Fraud And Mismanagement

FCPS Leaders Accused Of Fraud And Mismanagement

The district's budget director says the $20 million budget deficit is a result of a bookkeeping error people knew of and did nothing about
The Fayette County school district has a $20 million deficit.  Superintendent Tom Shelton says it's because the recession finally caught up to Fayette County. 

The school district's budget director says the deficit is the result of numerous crimes.  

Superintendent Tom Shelton found those claims astounding. 

Budget and staffing director Julane Mullins wrote an email to the school board members early Tuesday morning. 

She wrote the deficit came from a book keeping error, made by Director of Finance Rodney Jackson, in late 2011.  Mullins says she learned about it, and told Shelton in October of 2012.

She wrote: 
"I met with Tom on October 18, 2012 and showed him the documentation.  He said, 'Are you telling me the budget for the last two years has been inflated by $20 million with recurring expenses?'  I indicated, 'yes."

Shelton admitted this happened; however, he said there was another meeting with Mullins in January, 2013.  In that meeting, Shelton said they agreed Mullins' claim was not true. 

Mullins wrote:
"Once Tom was made aware of the dire situation on October 18, 2012, he failed to advise the Board or to take immediate and decisive steps to address the critical financial situation that faced the district.  Instead, he continued to spend as if there were no crisis."

Shelton said he is 100% positive he did nothing wrong, and has done nothing wrong to make the district's budget deficit worse. 

Mullins and Shelton asked the State Auditor to look into this.  Shelton wants to exonerate himself, and Mullins wants to prove she is correct. 
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