Estill County Judge Executive Bans Animal Rescue Group

Estill County Judge Executive Bans Animal Rescue Group

Judge Wallace Taylor says the Estill County Animal Shelter will work with any group looking to find homes for their animals, except the 'Way Home Rescue Alliance.'
Sarah Jone's group the Way Home Rescue Alliance saved more than 16-hundred animals from the Estill County Animal Shelter in 2012.

The WHRA even delivers the animals to their new homes that are sometimes hundreds of miles away.

However it looks as though the WHRA's days of helping  Estill County is over after Jones says five dogs were euthanized, two of which she says were set to be adopted.

"In my mind there's not really an excuse for the euthanasia of those five dogs, and when that occurred and we made it public 24 hours later received a notification that we were banned from the shelter," Jones said.

Estill County Judge Executive Wallace Taylor says after the WHRA posted that public message, he says he started receiving hate mail from as far away as Alaska.

Wallace says someone even posted a picture of him and his family on the site where that public message was posted.

He says after the issue became personal he decided to ban the WHRA from working with his county.

Taylor says he doesn't know what happened with those five dogs, but says they try to do everything they can to get all their animals adopted, and adds they only euthanizes when they feel the animal is either in too bad of health or a danger to others.
Jones says she had volunteers go down to the shelter two day prior to the dogs being put-down, and says they were in healthy and adoptable

Jones says they don't want to paint a negative picture on anyone in Estill County. She says all they want to do is get back down there and continue the work they were doing.

Judge Taylor says they had another group come in on Thursday and take 13 dogs that will all be adopted.

Jones says if they can't get back into Estill County, they will look to help other local shelters in the area.
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