Escaped Inmate Arrested Three Years Later

Escaped Inmate Arrested Three Years Later

A Casey County man "most wanted" by Kentucky State Police Post 15 is finally arrested after his escape from work release in March 2010.
A Casey County man, who had been featured on the Kentucky State Police Post 15's most wanted list, has been arrested more than three years after his escape from jail.

48-year-old James Shell of Liberty was arrested Wednesday morning.

Shell had walked away from a work release program in March 2010 while he was being incarcerated at the Marion County Detention Center.

He was there on charges of Flagrant Non-Support. He had also been charged with Assault from a warrant in Casey County.

He now faces the additional charges of second degree Escape and Persistent Felony Offender.

He's being detained at the Adair County Jail.
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