Crews Continue Fighting McCreary County Fire

Crews Continue Fighting McCreary County Fire

A fire that began at a tire factory in McCreary County Wednesday was still burning Thursday. Emergency management and the EPA worked to smother it.
Smoke and debris is all that's left of King's Tire Recycling on Kentucky State Highway 1651.

Nearly a day later and Emergency Management is still fighting to smother the fire that began Wednesday in McCreary County.

The EMA is now working with the EPA to clean it up.

Crews say they're working with the National Weather Service to watch for winds coming into the area.

If winds became too strong, chemical smoke from the fires could once again force people from their living spaces.

26 people were evacuated from surrounding residences Wednesday, some that lived just along the factory line.

They've since returned to their homes.

Emergency Management says they hope to have the fire out by late Thursday night.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated
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