ESPN Report: Julius Randle Going To The NBA

ESPN Report: Julius Randle Going To The NBA

ESPN Says Sources Tell Them UK's Leading Scorer And Rebounder Heading To June's NBA Draft. Randle Disputes The Report On Twitter.
Twitter giveth and Twitter taketh away.

On Monday, former Cat great Rex Chapman raising the blood pressure of Solid Blue fans with his done-deal-Coach-Cal-to-the-Lakers tweet.

Wednesday, Julius Randle disputing an ESPN report - in 140 character or less - that he's declaring for June's NBA Draft.

Tweeting out quote: "I don't know who reported what, but I haven't made up my mind about the draft yet. Haven't even talked to my family about it, so it's all false."

ESPN's Jeff Goodman reported earlier in the day that Kentucky's leading scorer and rebounder would leave UK for the NBA.

As he was before joining Kentucky, Randle remains a likely top-10 pick if not a top-5 selection.

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