Fire Department: Dryer Fires Too Common

Fire Department: Dryer Fires Too Common

An overnight house fire in Lexington has Fire Department officials reminding people about an important safety issue when doing their laundry.

An overnight house fire, with a common cause, has Lexington Fire Department officials bringing up an important safety issues.   

Crews were called out to a duplex on the 1600 block of Norwood Circle, originally for the report of light smoke.

When firefighters arrived at the home and opened the front door, they say they found with heavy smoke and the dryer was in flames which were quickly spreading.

Dryer fires are a common occurrence in Lexington, fire officials said. People usually forgot one key thing when they do their laundry.

“The most important thing when using your dryer, it doesn’t matter how big of a load you have in it, is empty your lint. After every usage, as soon as you get done and take your clothes out, clean your lint trap out,” Lexington Fire Battalion Chief Jeff Nantz said. “That will keep the majority of the problems away.”

Fire officials aren’t yet sure if the lint was to blame in this fire, and tell ABC 36 that the age of the dryer could have also been a factor.

Officials also said, in addition to clearing the lint trap, make sure to clean your dryer's exhaust vent, at least once a year.

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