Dangers Of Shopping Through Social Media

Dangers Of Shopping Through Social Media

In the last week, two sales agreed upon through social media ended in robbery, according to police.
Police say two recent robberies should serve as reminders to use extreme caution when selling anything to strangers met through social media.

Lexington police recommended getting the name, phone number, and email of the person you are selling anything to.

If anything goes wrong, you will have the information you need to report them to police.

Police also suggested choosing a safe location to meet any buyers.

Sherelle Roberts with the Lexington Police Department said, "Find someplace where there are lots of people around so you have lots of witnesses and then also the individuals are less likely to try something inappropriate or illegal."

Police also said if you don't feel right about something when meeting someone, don't meet them.

The tips come after two online sellers were robbed when meeting their buyers in the last week.

A teenager was trying to sell a pair of shoes in Lexington Monday night to a buyer police said he met through social media.

Police said when the teenager went to the meeting place, a strip mall parking lot on Maple Leaf Drive, he was met by four suspects, all believed to be teenagers.

Police said one of the teens pulled out a gun and stole the shoes.

Investigators said one of the suspects turned himself in to return the shoes and is now charged with robbery.

The other 3 suspects have not been arrested.

In a similar incident last week, police said Dominique Duff and Tia Leavell were charged with robbing a 16-year-old at gunpoint during a meeting set up through Facebook.

The teen was planning to sell Duff an iPod.

Duff and Leavell were arrested.
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