DRC Crisis: Fighting To Bring Their Son Home

DRC Crisis: Fighting To Bring Their Son Home

A Lexington couple adopted a little boy from the Democratic Republic of Congo about a year ago, but the Congolese Government won't allow the children to leave the country. The family is asking the Kentucky Congressmen for their help.
Each year, thousands and thousands of families adopt children from abroad.

Sometimes it can be a lengthy process, and families can wait years until they get to bring their child home.

International adoption is in a crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Last September, the Congolese Government said they were no longer going to allow children to leave the country because they were concerned about the care of children.

Over 350 families have already finalized their adoptions before September, and have obtained all U.S. approvals.

Elizabeth Hatton, of Lexington, is among that number, including 20 other families in Kentucky.

They are urging Kentucky Congressmen to show their support.

Hatton said Congressman Andy Barr is on board to help.

"He's assured us he was going to do anything and everything he could to not only work with Congress, but to encourage the state department," said Hatton.

If you would like to help, here's a petition to sign to raise more awareness:


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