Could EKU Budget Cuts Target Unique School?

Could EKU Budget Cuts Target Unique School?

The Model Laboratory School is the only one of its kind in Kentucky. It's a K-12 public school, and it's a part of EKU.

Eastern Kentucky University's President says everything is on the table to free up $23 Million, and that means discussing the Model Laboratory School on EKU's campus.

Model is the only school of its kind in the state.  Parents pay tuition, but it's a K-12 public school.  The school is also part of Eastern Kentucky University. 

Model students' test scores rank amongst the highest in the state. 

Even though Raymond White graduates this year, he would hate to see the school go.

"I know it's a really complex issue, so there's not just one thing to talk about, but there's many many different things to talk about and consider, but it would just be a shame if a school like this got closed, because it's a great school," said White, a Model 12th grader.

Model also educates college students.  Future teachers get hands-on experience in a classroom, without leaving campus.

Eastern Sophomore Katie Corso wants to teach Kindergarten.

"I think it's cool to kind of see that light bulb moment when they really get something for the first time, and they're sweet and innocent at this age, and there's just so much that they can learn, and you can help them learn," said Corso.

She says she's more confident since she started coming to Model.

"I was very nervous my first day observing here, and since then I can just kind of get in right with the kids and help them, and I'm not really nervous.  I know what I'm doing," said Corso.

EKU spends more than one million dollars a year to keep Model open.  The school's Director says he expects Model's future to be discussed at Board meetings in April.

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