Could Be Days Before Some In Menifee Co Get Power Back

Could Be Days Before Some In Menifee Co Get Power Back

Hundreds of people were still without power Thursday in Menifee County

As of 6 PM Thursday, Clark Energy reported about 800 people without power.  Most of those customers are in Menifee County.

Dorothy Noble is one of them.

"It'd be hard to make it without my cousins around here," said Noble.

If the ice can bring tree limbs down, it can also make power lines buckle. 

Clark Energy crews are working to put power lines up, and take tree limbs off of the lines.

"The generator helps, but it's not like having your Clark energy," said Noble.

She's using a generator to power her necessities, and propane to heat her house.

Her carbon monoxide detector went off, and her cousin rescued her.

"He came up, and aired the house out, and put more fresh air in the house.  I slept with the kitchen window cracked to let more air in," said Noble.

The Menifee County Emergency Manager says it could be days before the power comes back.

"I understand it takes time when the ice tears the lines down.  It takes a whole lot of time to get them straightened back out," said Clester Brown, Noble's cousin.

In the meantime, Noble will try to stay warm and safe. 

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