Convicted Sex Offender Arrested In Frankfort

Convicted Sex Offender Arrested In Frankfort

A registered sex offender was arrested for not keeping her address updated. The Franklin County Sheriff's Office says they then charged her with more illegal activity related to being a sex offender.
Kentucky State Police say they were no longer able to verify the address of Shevonne Sears in late July, which is illegal for Sears since she is a convicted sex offender.

Sears also goes by Shevonne Mitchell and various other names.

The Franklin County's Sheriff's Department found and arrested Sears Sunday night.

After the arrest, Sgt. Shaka Bridges with the Sheriff's department said he found a Facebook page Sears was reportedly using, under the name Renee Mitchell.

In Kentucky, it is illegal for a registered sex offender to use instant messaging, chat rooms, and social media.

Sgt. Bridges said, "They have access to anyone 18 years or younger. They present a clear and present danger to the community by being able to access our children through these types of websites."

Sgt. Bridges said Sears admitted to having the Facebook account, even though she knew it was illegal.
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