Christmas Trees Going Up In Downtown Lexington

Christmas Trees Going Up In Downtown Lexington

Crews began setting up the first two Christmas trees that will be decorated in downtown Lexington.
Crews began the installation of Lexington's 3 downtown Christmas trees Monday.

A 40 foot blue spruce was cut down from Betty and Louis Fitzpatricks' yard and placed at Triangle Park.

Later in the day, crews cut down a 25 foot blue spruce from Cyndi Dodson's yard and placed it in front of the KU Building on Quality Street.

Tuesday morning, a 30 foot blue spruce will be taken from Michael Walsh's home and installed at the Isaac Murphy Park on the corner of Third Street and Midland Avenue.

Each year, the city requests potential Christmas trees to be donated from home owners across the city.

The top 3 are chosen and cut down by KU at no cost.

Each of the 3 trees will be fully decorated by 6:30 p.m. on November 29 when Mayor Jim Gray and Santa will light up downtown.
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