Cal Says NCAA Rule Is "Stupid"

Cal Says NCAA Rule Is "Stupid"

Players should be allowed to eat whenever and wherever they please.
John Calipari isn't the NCAA's biggest fan.  Today, he addressed his latest beef with the organization regarding food (when and where players are allowed) to eat.

"I think it’s stupid. A kid comes from practice and he’s not real hungry but he wants to eat something so he eats a little bite and a couple bites, ‘I’m not real hungry right now, I’m going to take some stuff up to my
room that I’ll eat later.’ No. That’s an extra benefit. Excuse me? That’s an extra benefit."

Cal went on to use examples of top athletes and their eating habits to bolster his claim.

"Michael Phelps and big time athletes eat five, six and seven times a day. They eat, they eat again, they eat again, they eat again, they go down, that’s because they’re burning up calories."

"Now, what I imagine they’re afraid of is some team goes over the top and feeds their kids too much. Have a fat team.”

So do Cal's guys get the nutrition they need under the NCAA guidelines?

“Now. They all lost weight. Maybe they were dieting then, but they did. I have been saying all along, I don’t understand why we don’t --. If you have a place and a kid is hungry, go eat something. ‘Well you have to eat between six and eight or you go hungry. Well you have to eat between this time and that time.’ Eat when you want to eat. Have things in the refrigerator. Go eat. Eat like you are at home. You want to eat six times a day? That’s fine. Every individual is different, I just don’t understand it, but then again, there’s a lot
of stuff I don’t understand.”

And in response to his team having a chef at its' disposal at Wildcat Coal Lodge?

“They have a cook that has been with them, and cooks with them. My deal is if you have a kitchen there, why wouldn’t you put stuff there where they can eat it whenever they want it. Refrigerator in there? Stick sandwiches in there. You want a sandwich at night? Go grab a sandwich. Can’t right now. I’d probably be suspended for three games. Folks, it’s not smart. Why do you think they have that rule about food? ‘There is a school that couldn’t afford to feed their guys like that, so you are not going to feed your guys.’ Whether they need it or not, that is not what this is about. Whether a high-level athlete needs to be fed? Feed them,
because they are burning up tons of calories. Feed them.”

Check out the video to hear from Cal on the above.
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