Cal And The 'Cats Surprise Servers At Salvation Army Thanksgiving

Cal And The 'Cats Surprise Servers At Salvation Army Thanksgiving

The entire UK basketball team showed up at the Salvation Army, and served people their Thanksgiving dinner

We didn't know it would happen when we arrived, and the Salvation Army only confirmed it the day before, but when a group of visitors showed up, they made everybody's Thanksgiving.

Many of the people eating Turkey at the Salvation Army are homeless, or poor.  No matter the situation, the Salvation Army believes everybody deserves a Thanksgiving dinner. 

And this year, became an unforgettable holiday.

An almost unimaginable thing happened, something so great, it was hard for people to describe how much it meant to them. 

"I mean more than getting a new car," said one man.

The entire UK Basketball team showed up to serve dinner.

"They were pretty excited when we showed up.  So, that was a good feeling," said Andrew Harrison, UK's Point Guard.

"It's the greatest thing ever.  We all come from very fortunate, blessed situations, so to be able to come back and give to people, help them out, make their Thanksgiving a little better, it means a lot to me for sure," said Julius Randle.

Just from giving their time, the 'Cats made everybody's day, but what Coach Cal gave made the biggest impact. 

"He was like who's little kid is this?  I said, well that's my little blessing I have.  He was like here, do something good for him," said Kimberly Paschall.

She says Cal reached into his pocket, and gave her a $100 bill.

"I freaked cus I've been out of for three weeks, and we haven't been able to go do anything as far as family, because we've been stuck here with the shelter, and my car's been parked because we haven't had gas money," said Paschall.

Paschall says she'll use the $100 to buy gas, and drive to family for Thanksgiving. 

Family she otherwise wouldn't have been able to see. 
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