Boyle County Sheriff's Office Checking on Sex Offenders

Boyle County Sheriff's Office Checking on Sex Offenders

Deputies with the Boyle County Sheriff's Office are conducting random checks of the county's 31 registered sex offenders.
There are thirty-one registered sex offenders in Boyle County.

Many of the 31 do not have parole officers who check to see they're living in areas they're allowed to.

For those that do not, the Boyle County Sheriff's office conducts random checks.

Deputy Chris Stratton, the Boyle County High School Resource Officer, keeps files on all 31 offenders. He says he's constantly checking his files to make sure the information is up to date and that the offenders have submitted accurate addresses.

Stratton says not all of the offenders are keeping accurate information. He says in the first five months of the program, they arrested seven individuals for violating their paroles and says five others moved out of the area.

Boyle County Sheriff Marty Elliott says the US Marshal's Office told him they have the only program like this in the United States.

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