Blast Damages Georgetown Homes

Blast Damages Georgetown Homes

A blast sends debris flying, causing damage to homes in Georgetown.
  "It was just a scary feeling.  You never expect a rock to come through your roof," says JR Jarrett.
  Jarrett was at his home on Chamberlain Drive in Georgetown Monday night checking his e-mail when he heard it.

  "I heard this large rumble and then like an explosion and saw that obviously something had come through the roof," explains Jarrett.

  Brandywine Explosives confirmed it was doing some blasting nearby, helping clear the way for a new Kroger.  Jarrett says the work has been going on for several weeks but nothing like this had happened, until Monday night, when that rock came through his roof and hit his Christmas tree in the dining room, destroying it.

  "Unfortunately, our Christmas tree has gotten a lot of publicity.  It was the one that had all of our sentimental ornaments and stuff on it from grandparents and parents," comments Jarrett.

  He says it's really put a damper on the holidays.

  "I mean, who wants to deal with this?  It's a terrible time of year to do repairs. We're probably going to have to replace the roof, that sort of thing.  So, it's just more frustrating and aggravating more than anything right now," explains Jarrett.

  But he says it could have been much worse and he's thankful no one was hurt.
  Just a couple houses down, the Merriman family echoed that sentiment.  A rock came through their roof as well and landed in the couple's bedroom.  It destroyed pictures, clothes, and damaged furniture.

  Dean Earnest also lives on the street and says it's put the entire neighborhood on edge.

  "It kind of makes you I want to live here?  You know, with this going on, the Kroger is supposed to benefit.  It's a freak accident, yea, but I'm just lucky nobody got hurt.  It's real spooky," says Earnest.

  The Kentucky Department of Natural Resources says initial reports indicate that the company will face two violations, flying rock and unsafe practices.  The company could face more violations and the fine amount won't be determined until the investigation is complete, which will take a few days.  Investigators have also recommended that the company be suspended.
  "Hopefully, it won't happen again," says Jarrett.

  Brandywine Explosives did not return our calls for comment.
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