Beshear Talks Redistricting, Gambling

Beshear Talks Redistricting, Gambling

On Monday, Governor Steve Beshear discussed his decision to sign a redistricting bill, and the future of expanded gambling in Kentucky.
Governor Steve Beshear says he didn't like signing a redistricing bill, but feels like he didn't have a choice.
Last week, lawmakers re-drew legislative boundaries for members of the Kentucky House and Senate. In the House, some Republicans will have to run against each other. In the Senate, some Democrats' districts were moved, including Lexington's Kathy Stein.

Monday, ABC 36 News asked Governor Beshear about his decision to sign that bill.

"Well, certainly it wasn't a perfect bill, and i considered vetoing the bill, quite honestly," he told us. "But it would have been a useless act because my veto just would have been overridden by both the house and the senate, and then there would have been precious little time for anybody to get filed and run for office."

On expanded gambling, the governor says he expects action, soon.

"In the next few days you'll see a bill introduced that would put a constitutional amendment on the ballot and let people vote on that issue in November, and i'm hopeful that the senate will pass it, and then the house will pass it, and we'll get it on the ballot," the governor told ABC 36.

Also Monday, The Family Foundation, which opposes expanded gambling, put out a statement wondering if a gambling bill will be introduced at all.
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