Another Arson In Lexington, Reward Increased

Another Arson In Lexington, Reward Increased

Investigators there's been another arson in west Lexington.
     Joshua Bray was shocked to learn about the recent rash of arsons here at the Preakness Apartment Complex.

     "Really? I wasn't told all that," says Bray.

     He spent Wednesday night moving into his new apartment here.  He knew of a recent car fire but says he had no idea that investigators say there have been at least nine arsons in the past month and a half.

     "I'm a little nervous, I guess, moving into a neighborhood like this, it's my first time ever actually living somewhere by myself in a one bedroom in this type of environment," explains Bray.

     Investigators say the most recent arson happened in an apartment building here just after midnight Wednesday morning when the lint traps in a couple dryers in the laundry room were set on fire.  Investigators say the location of this arson is particularly worrisome.

     "This is another fire inside an occupied building which is very concerning for us. All the fires are whether they're dumpsters or cars but definitely, when you get into occupied buildings there is a concerns," comments Major Mark Blankenship with the Lexington Fire Department.

       A man was taken into custody, his name hasn't been released but investigators say they will ask a grand jury to bring charges against him for intentionally setting fire to his own apartment here in the Preakness Apartment Complex earlier this month.  Investigators say he was in jail at the time of the most recent one and that there's still no evidence that links all of these arsons.

     Police are stepping up patrols in the area, they asking  people who live here to be extremely cautious.

     "Remain vigilant, call in and suspicious activity they see," says Maj. Blankenship.

     As a new resident, Bray says he plans to listen to that advice.
     "I'm going to keep my eyes open and be careful, just watch what I do and the people I'm around," comments Bray.

     The Preakness Apartment Complex has now added $500 to the $500 reward already being offered by the firefighters union, bringing the total reward to $1,000, for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for intentionally setting these fires.  You can also leave anonymous tips by calling 859-253-2020.
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