Animal Rights Groups: Limits On Chaining Dogs

Animal Rights Groups: Limits On Chaining Dogs

Several dog lovers chained themselves to dog houses outside the state capitol Monday morning.
They're called "Mans best friend."

But two animal rights groups said Kentucky's dogs deserve better protection under the law.

"Dogs deserve better" and "speak out and rescue" said they like to see every state in the country have limits on chaining.

"There need to be laws here in Kentucky that are laws because Kentucky is ranked worst in the nation for animal abuse for the last seven years, and it's just disgraceful," said Tracy Miller, president, Speak out & rescue.

Tamira Thayne, founder of dogs deserve better, said that pet owners should never have to chain up their dog.

"There's no dog bigger than people. So if a dog isn't bigger than us, the excuse that it can't fit in your house is just an excuse," said Thayne.

Thayne said they are even willing to help those in need.

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