Amanda Ross' Mother Not In Favor Of KY House Proposal

Amanda Ross' Mother Not In Favor Of KY House Proposal

The house voted 79-13 in favor of a bill that would quickly allow domestic violence victims to get a temporary concealed carry permit

The Kentucky House passed a bill allowing domestic violence victims to quickly get a temporary concealed carry permit.

Several domestic violence advocates don't think it's a good idea.

Supporters of the bill say a gun can provide support and protection when a victim feels threatened. 

Domestic violence asked where the need for the bill came from.  One Kentucky mother offers perspective few have.

"It's a big void," said Diana Ross.

Her daughter Amanda was shot to death in 2009.  She was a victim of domestic violence.

Diana does not support the new bill.

"I am concerned that this bill would escalate violence instead of deescalate it," said Ross.

Former state lawmaker Steve Nunn was sentenced to life for killing Amanda.  She had a concealed gun in her purse when she was shot.

"It didn't.  It didn't.  I don't know how to, didn't save her life," said Ross.

The head of the Kentucky Domestic Violence Association called the bill poor public policy.  Sherry Currens believes the bill adds a weapon into a volatile situation.

The head of Greenhouse 17 worries about women having a gun, but not proper training.

Darlene Thomas says in 24  years of domestic violence advocacy nobody has ever asked her for immediate access to a gun.

Thomas says she doesn't want to restrict anybody's rights, she just doesn't think the bill is a good idea.

Diana Ross has focused on advocating for a different proposal, House Bill 8, which would allow people who are dating and not married to get a domestic violence protective order.

"Because that is so much more important than putting a gun in somebody's hand," said Ross.

Steve Nunn pleaded guilty to killing Amanda Ross.  Recently he asked a judge to withdraw his guilty plea.  He will have a hearing in late April.  Because of that Ross wanted to choose her words carefully.
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