ACLU Youth Rally At State Capitol

ACLU Youth Rally At State Capitol

About 40 students came to the capitol, and not school. They rallied for reproductive rights.
About 40 high school students came to the capitol.  They met with legislators to talk about issues the kids feel are important.

The students wore t-shirts saying education is the solution.  Before coming to the capitol, Andrea Wilson needed her mom's permission to miss school.

"She's really proud.  She shows how proud she is.  She lets me come all the time.  Basically, hey you got the go ahead, just make sure you're doing something productive," said Wilson, a high school senior.

At school, the kids want to learn comprehensive sexual education.

According to the U.S. Health and Human Services Department, Kentucky has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the country.

Some retired women came to support the students.  They say education will help prevent unwanted pregnancies.  Kate Cunningham held up a pro-choice sign with a coat hanger on it.

"We're old enough to remember before legal abortion, desperate women will use anything they can to try to terminate an unwanted, unplanned pregnancy," said Cunningham.

The group was mostly women, but Antwan Shively came to support the Fairness Campaign and same-sex marriage.

"When you want something you go out and you get it, and when you show your face, and you're sitting there saying I'm all for it, it makes people think very highly of you," said Shively, a high school student.

Wilson recommended everybody meet with their representative, or senator.
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