ABC36 Reporter Arrives At Fire, Calls 911

ABC36 Reporter Arrives At Fire, Calls 911

When Aaron Adelson arrived to a house that had been on fire at Science Hill, firemen had already left the scene, but flames were shooting through the roof

Friday morning, Pulaski County's Public Safety Director reported storm damage in Science Hill.  

We went down to see how the storm affected people, and became more involved that we bargained for. 

This science hill man likes to watch storms. 

"Yea, I was standing on the porch when the last tornado came right even with the train track there, and it show down into Eubank area.  Neighbors thought I was crazy for standing out on the porch, but if it's gonna get you, it's gonna get you," said David Bass. 

Bass thought he was about to see another tornado.

"It kind of just felt like us having an earthquake, or something.  I mean the whole house of mine shook a little bit.  I heard a big boom.  All I seen was an orange light, and a big puff of smoke" said Bass.

This was not a tornado.  A vacant house two doors down caught fire. 

Investigators have not determined cause.  The owner says the house has no electricity.

Bass says lighting struck the empty home.

We arrived with flames shooting through the roof.

Aaron Adelson called 911 as the flames grew.

Firemen arrived about 15 minutes after the emergency call. 

They hosed down the hot spots, and put the flames out.

"If it had been longer before someone saw it, the house could have been completely destroyed by the time we were notified, or able to get on scene," said Josh Whitis, Science Hill Fire Chief.

The owner of the house thanked us for calling 911.
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