ABC 36's Call Out To Kentuckians To Participate In Cancer Study

ABC 36's Call Out To Kentuckians To Participate In Cancer Study

We need your help as the American Cancer Society organizes a massive study to research what lifestyle choices may lead to cancer.
It's a sad truth these days, but ask any American if they have been affected by cancer and you'd be hard pressed to get a 'no'.

Cancer diagnoses by the thousands are given each and every day around the world, around the United States, and here in Kentucky. So, how can you help?

The American Cancer Society is organizing a massive research study and is looking all over the country for people to participate. It's called Cancer Prevention Study-3, or CPS-3, and it hopes to follow thousands of American adults throughout many years to see if they can match up behaviors, medical history, and lifestyle choices to correlations with cancer diagnoses.

The study takes just minutes to enroll and minimal time for check-ups.

To make the process even easier, ABC 36 will be holding a phone bank in partnership with the American Cancer Society to sign volunteers up for the study. All you need to do is tune into ABC 36 from noon-6:30 pm on Monday, July 30th.

We'll be updating our website with more information as the date approaches.

In the meantime, you can go here to find more information about CPS-3.

We hope you'll join us and the American Cancer Society in our movement to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays!
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