40+ Vandalism Victims In Laurel County

40+ Vandalism Victims In Laurel County

A Laurel County Sheriff's Deputy says this is the worst rash of vandalism he's ever seen
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The number of vandalism victims in Laurel County continues to grow as people find the damage, and call it in.

A Sheriff's Deputy says the number of victims is up to at least 40.  The vandals chose Christmas night to cause most of their destruction. 

A Sheriff's Deputy says it's the worst rash of vandalism he's ever seen. 

This is a Christmas story about families and Ebenezer Scrooge types.

"It was quite depressing," said Eddie Davidson, his daughter's car was vandalized.

The day after Christmas, Lashira Davidson woke up, and found her car smashed in.  Vandals used a rock from her own yard.

"I was really mad, and then I got really upset, and as the day went on I was really sad that it happened, and because there was nothing I could do about it," said Davidson.

She's one of many victims.  The first 911 call came Thursday morning, before 4 AM. 

The phone kept ringing, as people described their damage. 

A Sheriff's Deputy thinks the vandals got a rush from the sound of broken glass.

"Can you image if an adult, or a child was on the side of these windows that was busted out with a brick, or rock," said Deputy Gilbert Acciardo, Laurel County Sheriff's Office.

Vandals used rocks, bricks, and wood to break windows and to knock out lights, but Lashira Davidson doesn't want the vandals to get their lights knocked out.

"I don't wish anything bad on anyone, but maybe they'll their lesson from it," said Lashira Davidson. 

Deputy Acciardo believes the victims were chosen randomly.  He says a common denominator could be as simple as rocks, or bricks being on their property. 

The Sheriff's office asks anybody with information to contact them.  You can do so anonymously. 
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