Rollin' On The (Dix) River

Rollin' On The (Dix) River

Friends and fellow ABC 36'ers join GMK's Lauren Gawthrop to see the sights along the Kentucky and Dix Rivers.
I first met Brad Johnson when he came on our noon show back in May to talk about the Kentucky Blueway River Trail. As the owner of Dix River Adventures, he's an expert on local waterways. He offered to take me and some friends out on one of his tours, and since water seems to have a magnetic force that always draws me to it - whether by canoe, kayak, or boat - I was obliged to accept.

It took a while to get a group of people together during the week, but we finally got a nice ensemble of co-workers from ABC 36 on board. Five ladies in all, we piled into my car and headed down to Wilmore and the banks of the Kentucky River.

Brad was waiting with the boat already in the water when we arrived.

Before we knew it, we were on the waters of the Kentucky River, heading for High Bridge and beyond to the Dix River.

Brad steers us toward the Dix River as Nakia gets settled in.



All smiles from Casey and Amy (left). Nakia, myself, and Melanie model our life vests. 

Heading up the Dix River, we say hello to a grazing bovine friend.


Gaining some speed as Brad points out some good fishing spots and scenic views.

Brad and the ladies, enjoying a beautiful afternoon.


Brad pointed out a "cool" spot to us, literally. The Dix River is relatively warm because it's somewhat shallow, but it is fed by the much cooler waters of Herrington Lake. The point at which the two waters meet is visibly different. We stuck our hands in the water as we motored up river and felt the drastic temperature change. It was one of the more fascinating parts of the trip!



Another highlight of the trip was LUNCH, catered by Soloman's Porch. I am still craving the turkey sandwich on croissant. It was amazing! So were the desserts.

There's nothing quite like seeing the palisades from down on the water.



 At the point where the Dix River approaches the release point for the lake, the water gets too shallow for boating, so Brad took us on a hike. This was a fun surprise!


 Amy braves the chilly waters to wade to the other side (left). We all stop for a photo op as we hike to higher ground (right).

Exploring the rocks that make up the emergency run-off point for the Herrington Lake Dam.

The rock formations are huge! Those little dots back there are us.

We decided this would be the album cover- should we ever start a band.

A fantastically fun afternoon of adventure ended with - what else - skipping stones.

All the girls left the tour wanting to come back as soon as possible. Brad mentioned fall time tours to check out the gorgeous changing colors along the riverbank, complete with hot apple cider to sip on. I'm SO on board for that!

Brad's passion for the waterways is obvious and his knowledge exceptional. He and his team offer scenic tours and fishing tours. He's even brought couples to these remote, gorgeous locations for engagement photos. He is absolutely intent on letting anyone and everyone know how beautiful our waterways are here in Central Kentucky.

I'm already set on booking my fall tour, and hopefully I can come back in the spring, too. In the meantime you can catch me at Soloman's Porch in Wilmore, chasing down that turkey sandwich!

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