Students Building Their Futures

Students Building Their Futures

Southside Tech's carpentry students are completing their final projects before heading out into the real world.
Houses are built everyday....but not by seniors in high school.

The students at Southside Technical Center's carpentry program are building to-scale houses for their final projects.

They learn everything from wall framing, floor framing, concrete pouring, and building roofs.

Mr. Highley, the carpentry instructor, says it is a very expensive program to run.

The students and teachers are very conscious to recycle and reuse all the material they can.

The class comes in every day very motivated to get to work.

Two of the students, from different high schools, have been partners on previous projects and plan to join the National Guard together.

Southside Tech has a few student-built items up for grab 8x8 playhouse and an 8x12 storage unit.

For more information on these items, contact Mr. Highley at
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