Lexington Students Getting Fit

Lexington Students Getting Fit

Join some Lexington students as they get involved in a fitness program.
World Fit might just be the magic touch. It is a six week walking challenge that eleven out of twelve middle schools in Fayette County are participating in.

Fayette County started this program just three years ago with only two schools. So for many students, this is their first time.

"I feel very excited because i know a lot of us kids get really tired sitting at the desk a lot, and I think it's a good opportunity for us to get out early in the morning and have a little social time before we get ready for the day", said Daniel Poe, an eighth grader at Crawford Middle School.

"We just don't get enough exercise to when the opportunity presented to us i thought it was a no brained for us to participate in it," said Mike Jones, Crawford Middle School principal.

The students at Crawford Middle have been very receptive to this new program and have set many goals for themselves.

Principal Jones has high hopes that this will also get the kids more focused on their schoolwork.

Across town, Morton Middle School, who is no stranger to the world fit program, kicked things off a little differently. They got their exercise in by dancing!  They also got toegether to watch the kick off video which featured Olympian Passion Richardson who shared her motivational tips.


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