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This Day in Sports

December 8th
This Day in Sports - December 8th

Jeff George...the first pick the 1990 NFL Draft (who was selected by his home-state team...the Indianapolis Colts) was born today in 1967 (in Indianapolis).  That's right...Jeff George...the guy who played one year at Purdue, then transferred, wound up at Illinois after Jimmy Johnson said he wouldn't be guaranteed a starting job at Miami (FL).

George left college early, was selected withe the top pick (that the Colts traded up to get!) and then after 4 years, was sent to Atlanta and became a Falcon.  That's right...Jeff George...who was born and bred in the Colts' back yard...didn't have the dream career he should' fact, he argued with fans and even held out for 36 days while he demanded to be traded.

George played in 131 games...completed 58 percent of his passes...amassed 27,602 yards and 154 touchdowns...throwing 113 picks.  He did have 17 game-winning drives though.  Here's George's commitment to Miami...which he never played for of course...even back in the day kids did this stuff huh?

1940- Bears beat Redskins 73-0 in NFL Championship
Chicago lost the regular season meeting 7-3...Redskins' coach George Preston Marshall told his players the Bears quit and were crybabies.  The next time the two clubs met...George Halas' squad blanked Washington.  It was the largest margin of victory in NFL history...embarrassing to see the least.

The Bears won two more championships before many players were drafted in 1942...Halas was also enlisted...the coach and former players came together again in 1946...winning their 4th title in 7 years after the War was over.

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