My Exclusive Interview with Randy Embry

My Exclusive Interview with Randy Embry

1961 Kentucky Mr. Basketball, played for Adolph Rupp at UK (and with Pat Riley). Now he's a scout for the Miami Heat!
I had the pleasure of interviewing a Kentucky legend and one of the nicest men I've met before the Cats and Gators...Mr. Randy Embry.  Embry was the 1961 Mr. Basketball here in the Bluegrass out of Owensboro High School. 

He then played for UK under Adolph Rupp (and with Pat Riley) in 66 games with the Cats, scoring a total of 393 points.  He also played baseball, being named All-SEC on the of his greatest accomplishments.

After his collegiate career, Embry coached baseball at Daviess County, where he won a state title in 1971.  From there he coached basketball at Owensboro, winning 445 games and appearing in 3 Final Four's at the state tourney.

Following his retirement, Embry felt the urge to stay around the sport he loved.  He picked up the phone and called an old friend...Pat Riley.

"I'd like to stay around the sport," Embry said to Riley.

"I'll call you back in fifteen minutes," Riley's response.

Five minutes later, Embry's phone rang and Riley asked him if he'd like to be a regional scout with the Miami Heat. 

Embry's been evaluating talent ever since that 1999 phone call.  He's seen the likes of LeBron James and Dwayne Wade play both in high school and at the professional level...another highlight of his life.

While he says the Cats are loaded and loves Lexington, Embry will forever be linked to Western Kentucky...his hometown...and basketball.  Recently, the KHSAA inducted him into their athletic hall of fame.

Mr. Randy Embry, you sir are a gem among us.  I'm thankful to say I met you and wish you all the best in what I hope is a long and beautiful life.  My time with you today was truly inspirational and a reminder of why I do what I do.  I look forward to seeing you again soon.


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