A Positive Note

A Positive Note

Hearing good news is always nice.
I love getting e-mails from former players and parents of players who used to play in the coverage area.

Keeping up with kids from a young age and seeing what they become is an inspiration to continue covering the communities I've grown up knowing and been a part of for so long.

I love this state and the every team / sport in it.  Even when we don't get air time for your kids, team, sport, it doesn't mean we're not keeping in touch and keeping up.

Ben Lake was a heck of a player for Rockcastle County.  And from my short time being able to chat with him on occasion, he's an even better person.

Not only did been head to Washington University in St. Louis, he's majoring in mechanical engineering, a second passion of mine as well.

With over a 3.0 GPA, Lake is balancing and managing his time wonderfully and making his family, friends, home town and state proud outside the Commonwealth.

Here's a quick link on his recent University Athletic Association honors.

Congrats to Ben so far and best of luck continuing to make us all proud back home!

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